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About Us

Now in these strange times…
QoL-X began in 2008 in Seattle as a social enterprise, created to develop and support innovative methods for teaching Quality of Life Skills around the world. It is the most important and impactful work we have been part of.

Now based in San Diego, we have even more incredible opportunities to help improve Quality of Life for all those we work with.

We are creative problem solvers, working to help improve quality of life for people around the world. Our ongoing mission is to engage in opportunities that lets us share actionable and innovative solutions to better our means of mindful thought. We have extensive collection of micro-interventions, thought experiments, learning activities and materials, all focused on encouraging improved decision making and optimal thinking.

Our team
We care to support you in your ambitious goals whether it is personal, business or academic and share the best of what we’ve learned in our journeys.

  • Melissa Ganus, EdD, MBA  (aka “Dr Mel”)
    Melissa Ganus, EdD, MBA (aka “Dr Mel”)
    Founder & Director

    Dr. Mel has dedicated herself to helping reduce suffering and improve quality of life and works tirelessly to find ways to make that easier. She is best known for her enthusiasm and experience in creative problem solving, nonprofit projects, learning design, and impact assessment. Learn more about Dr. Mel’s current interests by checking out her Facebook page.
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  • img-20210110-wa0006_01-removebg.png
    “Raja” Abhishek Gupta, MA ClinPsy
    Project Director

    Abhishek is directing QoL Experiments while he works on his PhD in Human Resource Management at XIM University, Erstwhile Xavier University. He has a penchant for research; to objectify the still non-physical knowledge. Currently working on QoL Experiments the book, and thesis on “SQUID”. Naughtiest in the lot, he builds ideas quickly, and motivates everybody to take the next step towards their personal goals, however difficult they may be. He sings, plays the strings and the keys. Videogames and Chess too.

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  • img_9130.jpg
    Elisabeth DeRichmond, MS (aka "Erzsie")
    Chief Editor & Director

    Erszie is working on her PhD at Northcentral University. Along with her educational background, she has always been an inquisitive thinker and analyzer. She's an avid research reader with a preference for meta-analyses. She advocates for public education, including using music in the classroom to teach literacy. Everything she has done up until now has prepared her to work with QOLx. Her current goals are to continue education through various venues. She needs to learn more about creating a social emotional learning (SEL) environment. She wants to be someone who is an expert in SEL and how it enhances the learning of young learners. She wants to surround herself with other experts who share her passion. QOLx is all about improving quality of life in all areas. So, she wants to improve the quality of life of everyone in the classroom.


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  • Susannah W
    Susannah W. Smith, PhD (aka “Zanna”)
    Research & Project Development

    Dr. Zanna has a lifetime of experiences to draw from when she works with clients, from her breadth of work in visual and performing arts and her many years advising students, administrators and healthcare professionals. She recently completed her PhD in Psychology at Walden University, with intensive research on resiliency to compassion fatigue.
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  • jpg thorn.jpeg
    Thornton Sully

    In general, my responsibilities and involvement is to relieve Dr. Mel of rote administrative obligations and assist Abhishek in his role as Project Manager in whatever ways are requested, and to provide professional comment and advice regarding all initiatives forwarded by S.Q.U.I.D.

    Consulting Editor

    "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." Thornton Sully, plagiarizing E.B. White

    Sully is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of A Word with You Press and since 2009 has been helping people tell their stories with purpose and passion. He is the editor, adviser, confidante and publisher to best-selling and award-winning authors and will bring our own purposeful and passionate message to the world.

  • Julia Gomez, MEd  (aka “Jules”)
    Julia Gomez, MEd (aka “Jules”)
    Research & Development Engineer

    Jules is our energizer bunny, intensely focused on getting things done for every project. With a depth of research and experience in applied behavioral analysis, she is adept at helping people use tools and methods to make progress on immediate and long term goals. A world traveler and minimalist, she helps everyone see life as an adventure.
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  • Priya Dharshini, MSC Marketing
    Priya Dharshini, MSC Marketing
    Graphic Design & Special Projects

    Priya is leading our efforts to share QoL Experiments in India, where she is a fellow at Make a Difference. She loves graphic design and the power of good imagery to convey ideas. She completed her Masters in Marketing at the University of Wales in Singapore. Priya’s first visit to the United States has been a spectacular adventure and she looks forward to returning as often as possible.
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  • Rocco Petrongolo, BS CS  (aka “The Rocc”)
    Rocco Petrongolo, BS CS (aka “The Rocc”)
    Software Consultant & Project Manager

    Rocco is our most tenacious problem solver. He is acting as technical lead and project manager at QoL. Rocco continues to take on software consulting and development roles in the IT market. - Personal Site
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  • 20181116_145746.jpg
    Drew Deppensmith
    Projects Director, HHP

    Drew spent 8 years in the Marines learning how to keep things moving forward and getting the mission accomplished. While transitioning out of the Marines he started his own Massage Therapy business over 10 years ago. He brings his ability to ensure that projects get done and meet deadlines.

    Touch of Theta Therapeutics
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  • Lucas Garczewski
    Executive Consultant

    Lucas is an experienced executive, Agile project manager, and communicator. He supports us by facilitating our goal setting and strategic planning, advising on how we can collaborate better as a team, and suggesting and deploying the best digital tools to make our work more efficient and impactful. When not helpng shape our team, Lucas writes haiku, slam poetry, and D&D adventures.
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